About Us

War is what we do

A little about us.. -=[WaR]=-   a short clan tag for “War and Retribution”.  Founded by a gamer some of you may know as KG.  “WaR” got its start on a PC game called America’s Army, based on team work and tactical shooting. The game has had many updates and releases since the start.

What was just a couple guys blasting M16A4 rounds into the faces of our enemies, has turned into a network of gamers.  We strive to bring the life back to PC gaming. Currently Wartime Gaming Network hosts two gameservers for a couple popular games you may know.

Game with a community

Rust!  One of the most addictive; and yet incredibly toxic shooter/survival games known today.  If you haven’t played Rust or never heard of it, stay tuned… as we have big plans for sponsored streamers coming to our page very soon!

Ever wondered what it would be like to survive and build yourself a life in a brutal wilderness element? WaR also hosts a Subsistence server; while still in Early Access it is available for purchase on Steam.  ColdGames developer is hard at work updating and adding tons of content to this early game, and its already burned its way into a small spot in our little gamer hearts.

WaR has gone from a simple small shooter clan to a larger wider spread gaming network now known as Wartime Gaming Network some of us still wear our origional -=[WaR]=- tags in game, and at times… it has its perks! Loyal followers have enjoyed several years of community; and as such we reward that loyalty with giveaways, raffles, and of course… bragging rights!  Official members will soon be sponsored streamers here on this very website! So stay tuned, lots to come!

Like to join us? Have a chat? Play some games? Test your skills? Check out our discord link at the top right of the homepage, its a direct invite from us, to you! We look forward to meeting you!


Rust is one of the most popular survival games out there!