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General Network Updates – Wartime Gaming Network

Category: General Network Updates


DayZ Admin Gone Wild Event

Admin Gone Wild On July 2nd at 2 p.m. PDT Wartime Gaming Network will be hosting a crazy fun event on the hardcore, low loot DayZ server, Calamity-Z. Your mission, is to kill the rouge admin. Each player will be [...]

Introducing the launch of our DayZ game server!

Welcome survivors to Calamity-Z DayZ game server! For those who live on the edge this the server for you. With exciting and fun modds you will never want to leave: -Winter Chernarus Map Patch -Ear Plugs -RaG_ChickenCoop -Zombie kids -SchanaModGlobalChat [...]

Content Creators!!!

Hello Gamers! The team here at Wartime Gaming Network has been hard at work on several new projects, working closely with members within the network to create new video content for Twitch TV and Youtube!! It’s a slow process getting […]