DayZ Admin Gone Wild Event


Admin Gone Wild

On July 2nd at 2 p.m. PDT Wartime Gaming Network will be hosting a crazy fun event on the hardcore, low loot DayZ server, Calamity-Z. Your mission, is to kill the rouge admin.

Each player will be given:

  • Blaze
  • Hunting Scope
  • Unlimted Ammo
  • M-lock
  • 4 Mags
  • Pistol Suppressor
  • Pistol Flashlight
  • Mini Sights
  • 4 boxes 9×19
  • 1 Repair Kit of Each Kind

Admin will not be able to instakill players and only use nonlethal force such as spawn in bears and zombies. Players will be given a bed to spawn in near the danger zone. Player that kills the rouge admin will be able to keep the weapons. Gotta admit… you are gonna need it to survive the lands on Calamity-Z.

Lets get Hunting!


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