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Wartime DayZ – Wartime Gaming Network

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DayZ Admin Gone Wild Pt 2

Admin Gone Wild Pt 2 On July 16 2 P.M. PDT /5 P.M. EDT Wartime Gaming Network is hosting another DayZ Admin Gone Wild event on Calamity-Z! Players had so much fun hunting down the admin while facing everything he [...]

DayZ Admin Gone Wild Event

Admin Gone Wild On July 2nd at 2 p.m. PDT Wartime Gaming Network will be hosting a crazy fun event on the hardcore, low loot DayZ server, Calamity-Z. Your mission, is to kill the rouge admin. Each player will be [...]

Introducing the launch of our DayZ game server!

Welcome survivors to Calamity-Z DayZ game server! For those who live on the edge this the server for you. With exciting and fun modds you will never want to leave: -Winter Chernarus Map Patch -Ear Plugs -RaG_ChickenCoop -Zombie kids -SchanaModGlobalChat [...]