DayZ Admin Gone Wild Pt 2


Admin Gone Wild Pt 2

On July 16 2 P.M. PDT /5 P.M. EDT Wartime Gaming Network is hosting another DayZ Admin Gone Wild event on Calamity-Z! Players had so much fun hunting down the admin while facing everything he threw at them we decided to have another one.

Each player was given ammo, weapons, and a sleeping bag to defend themselves from the rogue admin. Players faced off hoards of bears, wolves, zombies, and parasites while hunting the admin down. There were many deaths but they did not quit.

New players to the server got to experience what Calamity-Z server can offer. With crazy cold temps and scary parasites running around this is for your hardcore enthusiast. Once a player died, their body would turned into a zombie with their gear. Lucky for them, during the event they were able to pick up a gun and ammo at the depot.

This time around on the Wartime Gaming Network twitch channel, viewers will see the world through the admins eyes. With this, viewers will have a chance to pick what the admin should throw in with channel points and bits!

100 Channel Points
Christmas Zombies
Zombie Children

200 Channel Points
Angry Cocks

25 Bits
Chemical Smoke
Teleport Players Around
Make Players Puke

Viewers tune in and laugh. Players… good luck.

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