Exciting New Rust Update


Exciting New Rust Update

Warheads! Some new exciting things happening here! After countless hours of feedback from our players and discussions between the admin desk Wartime Gaming is switching from Vanilla Rust and taking a leap into the Modded server tab!

Vanilla Rust with a TWIST! We have invested a lot of time into this new project to try and keep it as close to Vanilla as possible and we think its a good balance for everyone to enjoy!

Modded Server (Find us in the modded server tab in your game client by searching for “Wartime Gaming”) Players will continue to enjoy a Vanilla rust experience with a twist, including:

  • Convoy event
    • Convoy travels the roadways, protected by Bradley tanks and scientists guarding the locked crates.
  • Power grids
    • Now you can power your base from the power poles located near the roads!
  • AI Raidable bases
    • Yes.. Scientists NPC’s will be there to greet you and try to stop you from winning the raid.
  • Vanilla gathering and loot rates

VIP system has been implemented! The first 50 players to occupy the server will be given VIP status for FREE! Our soon to be online store will allow you to purchase VIP status for $5 USD/Monthly

VIP users will have access to:

  • New Water Bases!
    • No more stability problems building from the ocean floor.
  • Furnace sorter
    • Automatically split your resource stacks for efficiency.
  • Access to over 3,100 skins to use on the WGN server.


Please hang tight gamers! More information to come! The new server will be launching March 3rd when Facepunch does its forced wipe!

A new promotional video will hit our YouTube soon showcasing these new powerful and fun modifications to our server! Thanks!!

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